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All prices are based on the number of hours you spend in the gym per week!

We operate on a monthly calendar schedule, not on sessions. 

Therefore, all fees are due the FIRST CLASS of each month.

10% Discount for 2nd child!

Recreational Classes:

        30 minutes per week:  $35.00 per month         1 hour per week:         $50.00 per month

2 hours per week:       $65.00 per month

3 hours per week:       $80.00 per month

4 hours per week:       $100.00 per month

Competition Teams:

Trampoline & Tumbling:           $100.00 per month

Xcel Gymnastics:                      $100.00  per month

Both Competition Teams:        $150.00 per month                              

Rec Class Practice Attire Fee
(formerly registration fee)

$50.00 per child

Due annually in the fall. Includes practice leotard for each child.

*This fee is currently only required by female athletes enrolled in recreational gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling and/or combo

*Tumble Tikes and Tumbling Class athletes may purchase the practice leotard if they wish.