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In order to complete your registration process and have a guaranteed spot in one of our classes, all prospective customers will receive an email with official registration information and MUST return a signed registration form AND payment. 
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Thank you for your interest in classes at Gotta Flip Gymnastics. As we re-open on May 26, 2020, it is imperative that families are well versed in the new protocol Gotta Flip Gymnastics has established for the safety and well-being of its students, families and staff. You will need to pick-up a Newsletter from Gotta Flip that explains our new protocol thoroughly. Please keep this newsletter and refer to it often to stay in the know. Attached to this newsletter you will also find a new pink registration form with our COVID-19 statement and release on the back and a separate green Auto-Pay form. BOTH forms must be returned to Gotta Flip Gymnastics (5290 Krieger Ct. Columbus, OH 43228) BEFORE your child's first class. You can drop-off your forms in the mailbox outside the gym or send them in the gym with your child on their first day of class. We are highly recommending all payments be made through auto-pay to ensure contactless transactions. We are also limiting walk-ins during operating hours to abide with the CDC recommended social distancing guidelines. Please help us maintain safety protocol by adhering to these requests! If we do not receive new forms and payment and your child arrives for class, you will be asked to pick your child up as we cannot allow participation. We greatly appreciate your understanding. If you are wishing to remove your child from enrollment at this time, please send us an email ( to let us know.
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In order to comply with current CDC Recommendations, Gotta Flip Gymnastics will offer the following recreational classes for Summer 2020.


Ages 5 and up. Participants will be taught the basic skills of gymnastics and trampoline & tumbling on each apparatus. Participants will work on perfecting rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs and walkovers on floor; casting and pullovers on bars; walking, mounting and dismounting on beam; basic jumps on trampolines; and basic vaulting skills. Participants will work on developing strength and flexibility needed for skills in the intermediate and advanced levels. 


Ages 5 and up. Participants will continue to work on basic skills from the beginner level as well as intermediate skills in gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling. Participants must master handspring series on floor, hip circles on bars, jumping skills and basic tumbling on beam, as well as intermediate vault and trampoline skills to progress to the advanced level. Participants will continue working on strength and flexibility as well as basic gymnastics dance skills. Placement in this class requires evaluation. 


Ages 8 and up. Participants must have a strong background in the basics of beginner and intermediate skills. Participants will work on more advanced skills on each event, including somi and ariel skills on floor and trampolines; beam tumbling; and high bar skills. Participants will further improve their strength and flexibility, as well as dance technique. Placement in this class requires invitation and/or evaluation. 


Please Note: At this time we are NOT accepting new members to our competition teams. 

Only current competition team members should check the appropriate competition team box(es) when registering. 

Please check back later for new competition team member enrollment.