Gotta Flip Gymnastics

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Beginner Rec Class

Ages 5 and Up

Participants will be taught the basic skills of gymnastics and trampoline & tumbling on each apparatus. Participants will work on perfecting rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs and walkovers on floor; casting and pullovers on bars; walking, mounting and dismounting on beam; basic jumps on trampolines; and basic vaulting skills. Participants will work on developing strength and flexibility needed for skills in the intermediate and advanced levels. 

Intermediate Rec Class

Ages 5 and Up

Participants will continue to work on basic skills from the beginner level as well as intermediate skills in gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling. Participants must master handspring series on floor, hip circles on bars, jumping skills and basic tumbling on beam, as well as intermediate vault and trampoline skills to progress to the advanced level. Participants will continue working on strength and flexibility as well as basic gymnastics dance skills. Placement in this class requires evaluation. 

Advanced Tumbling Class

Ages 8 and Up

Participants must have a strong background in the basics of intermediate tumbling skills. Participants will work on more advanced tumbling skills including single somi and ariel skills on floor, twisting tumbling skills and double salto combination passes. Participants will further improve their strength and flexibility. Placement in this class requires a prerequisite skill of a roundoff back tuck.

Tumble Tikes

Ages 3-5

Ages 3-5. Participants will learn basic fine motor, gross motor, and gymnastics skills that will prepare them for more intense class structures as they progress. Participants will also engage in social learning with peers. A parent or legal guardian will be attending and participating in class with each Tumble Tikes student. 

Trampoline & Tumbling Competition Team

Ages 5 and up

Trampoline and Tumbling competitions are sanctioned through the United States Trampoline & Tumbling Association (USTA) and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Competition is available to both boys and girls ages 3 and up. No experience is necessary as competitions are divided amongst age and ability level. State and National Team Qualifying Opportunities are available as well as scholarships for graduating seniors and college age athletes. 

Xcel Gymnastics Team

Ages 5 and up

Gymnastics competitions are sanctioned by the United States Artistic Gymnastics federation (USAG).  Competition teams are available to girls ages 7 and up. Experience is not required as the levels of gymnastics progress based on skill. The gymnastics program will prepare athletes for competitive gymnastics at the high school level as Gotta Flip is the official workout facility for Central Crossing, Franklin Heights and Westland High School Gymnastics teams.

Back Handspring (BHS) Class

Ages 5 and up

This class is designed to teach back handsprings through the use of drills and progressive skills leading up to a back handspring. Athletes will be utilizing spring floors, foam mats, and trampolines to work on drills and back handspring skills. 


1 class
per week

$50.00 per month

2 classes per week

$65.00 per month

3 classes per week


4 classes
 per week

$100.00 per month

Tumble Tikes

$40.00 per session

10% Discount for Each Additional Child Registered.

Competition Team Prices:

Trampoline and Tumbling and
Xcel Gymnastics Team practice 2 times per week

$100.00 per month

Competition Team Members may add an additional rec class to their weekly team practices for $10.00 more per month per class.