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Summer Cheer


Cheerleading is an intense physical activity based upon organized routines, usually ranging anywhere from one to two minutes and thirty seconds, which contain many components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers and stunting. Competitions are available for all-girl or co-ed teams (groups of 5 or more) as well as individuals and are governed by the United States All-Star Federation (USASF). Athletes are credentialed through the proper progressions set by the USASF which includes five levels of competition. No experience is necessary to participate in the all-star cheerleading program as teams are chosen based on age and ability level as designed by the USASF. Cost of credentialing and USASF memberships are included with the Gotta Flip Gymnastics annual registration fee. Gotta Flip's all-star cheerleading teams are coached by former Ohio State University cheerleader, three-time Team USA Cheerleading World Champion and current USASF credentialing instructor Brittany Maynard.  Gotta Flip's summer cheerleading program focuses on teamwork, dedication, commitment, responsibility, handwork and character development as well as increasing skill level throughout the season. The Summer Cheerleading Program consists of 4 months of competition cheerleading prep allowing cheerleaders to brush up on basic cheerleading jump, tumbling, motion and building skills as well as master new skills at new levels. The summer cheer program offers athletes the chance to perform at Kings Island Amusement Park, a chance to compete at the AAU Junior Olympic Games (location varies yearly) and opportunities to learn and perform team routines as well as individual routines. The Summer Cheer program is also paired with our Trampoline and Tumbling competition program to enhance tumbling skills as well as body, air and spacial awareness with use of the trampolines.